Volunteering In Ghana 2016

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Hi there! Between the dates of 14th and 29th October, I will be travelling to Ghana where I have volunteered to help teach at a local school in the Greater Accra Region. In my eyes, this will be a trip of a lifetime bearing in mind the challenges I will be facing whilst also being on my own abroad first the first ever time. I have wanted to volunteer abroad for a few years now, I want to witness what life is like living in a country where power cuts are a common reccuring problem and only a few places have an actual running water supply. Not only do I want to witness and experience, I want to help out and change people’s lives, no matter how big or small the difference.

Volunteering is an organisation that I really want to engage with a lot more, whether it’s abroad, such as the trip I’m talking to you about now, or helping local charities in shops or on the streets raising awareness. I want to help make a difference in peoples lives, connect with them personally and hear their stories because I believe everyone has a voice. This makes the trip really important to me and I believe the responsibilities I will be given will be tougher than some of the decisions I have to make here at Rocket Jelly.

Being in Ghana was the most incredible experience of my life. I learned so much about myself while learning lots about Ghana’s culture, people, geography, economy and more. I felt safe in my environment, surrounded by many wonderful volunteers and locals. I always had the help of our coordinator in case I had any questions or concerns. We were ALWAYS very well taken care of.


I have a few goals in my life, one of them is to inspire people, make people happy, dream big and go and get that dream, no matter how big it may be. That is what I want the children I will be interacting with in Ghana to know and the story I want to get across in a video I will be documenting during the trip. I believe that no matter how poor of an environment you’ve been brought up in, or how uneducated you are or what past you may have encountered, that you can become who you want if you dream big enough and believe in yourself.

I have recently set up a fundraising campaign for my trip to Ghana which will help me pay for the travel and fees for the trip. In order for people to help me with the campaign and place a donation, I, Luke at Rocket Jelly, will be running the Cheltenham Half Marathon on Sunday 25th September, just under 3 weeks before I am due to travel.

Thank you all for taking your time to read my blog and I hope to make a change in the future across the whole world, no matter how long it will take me. I will keep you all posted on Twitter throughout the next few weeks regarding the Cheltenham Half Marathon, and I will also keep you all posted on my preparation for the trip to Ghana. Feel free to make a donation by clicking here, even the smallest of donations will make a difference. Thank You!

For more information regarding the trip I will be volunteering for, please click the link provided here.

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